Tap into one of of the world's largest consumer databases


  • All the segmentation you need, and more. The BIGDBM Universal Data Warehouse hosts one of the largest proprietary consumer databases in the industry. We reach across thousands of finely cut consumer categories to allow for precise custom segmentation.
  • We go deeper than other providers across demographics, finance, auto, lifestyle and distinct purchase behaviors. Additional automotive data indicators provide insights into the vehicles consumers have in their garages today and provides indicators for in-market vehicle purchase.
  • Highly predictive financial segments, such as summarized credit statistics, credit worthiness, number of credit lines and credit risk, are based on aggregated and cross-referenced consumer credit files.
  • 360° view of your consumer file, marrying online activity with offline attributes and purchase behavior.
  • Granular lifestyle and purchase-level data gives insight into past purchases and predicts future shopping activity across dozens of product categories by leveraging both offline, real-world data and online search and browse consumer history.
  • Political affiliation, charitable donations and additional predictors provide more insight into social attitudes and opinions.
  • Our massive automotive files are all tied to the VIN level data and deep insights beyond make, model and year. You can dig deeper into more data including: age, fuel type, financing structure and even trim packages.


BIGDBM is more than data. We are about connecting online and offline intel to actual people. We create actionable targeted data so you can spend less on ads while increasing your ROI.

Whether you are a brand, agency or publisher, BIGDBM can give you a 360° view of your consumers and put real people-based targeting at the heart of your business. Our mission is to provide the best data available so you can learn more about your customers, drive new business and deliver intelligent interactions across all channels. Let BIGDBM help you optimize your insights and create a meaningful dialogue that drives real revenue.